Godly Living (Zoe Bible) Ministries International

"Raising a people with a God kind of life"

Busaabala Godly Living (Zoe) Church

Kirinda Zone, Busaabala Parish, Masajja Division, Makindye Saabagabo Municipality - Wakiso District

The Church from Kirinda L.C. 1


Busaabala Godly Living Church is one of the Churches planted by GOLIMI. It started as a church with two members at Glory Junior School, Lusaka Zone 6, Makindye 1; Kampala District. in February 2005. it latter attained a rented piece of land in Kirombe Zone 5 (latter to be called Kazinga Close L.C.1).

They had continued to fellowship in a dust infested small Nursery School room for five months as a prayer/ intercessory team before the official starting of the church. 

On Sunday 7th August 2005, the Church was prepared for its first Sunday Service.  8 people attended; one man, three women and four children. 

A year after, in June 2006, we were able to attain a piece of land (500 meters away from the current venue in another Kazinga LC1, Zone 5) on rent basis to build a temporary church for faster expansion.  Things began well, but latter on we encountered a brief attack from the neighboring villages, but we latter overcome it.  The Church grew at a steady rate. In 2012, it lost the tenancy in this venue, and so sought for a more permanent piece of Land. 

By the end of 2013, it achieved a piece of land in Kirinda Zone, Busaabala Parish - Makindye Ssaabagabo (Wakiso District). 

It has already trained ministers, a children Ministry affiliated to KidZ at heart Leadership Advocay and AWANA International—Uganda. the Billy Graham Evangelistic Ministry's Operation Christmas child program and other Children aiding organizations. 

The Youth Ministry and other ministries are growing vibrantly as the Church Ministry gets settled in the new place..

 We believe that as we reach out to the children and the youth, we are already affecting the next generation.



The Church comprises of the Following Departments:

A. The Church Support Departments/ Projects (Diakonate)

1. The Administration.

 Administration is the engine for the Church.  it plans, develops programs and implements them in the communities.  it looks into the members of the church and identifies those who qualify and appoints them into useful service. They are the church workers/ or staff.

We have an office, where our operations are based. 

The Administration consists of :


The Administrator is a technical one who is appointed to undertake the day-to-day operations of the Church.

The Church Secretary:

This undertakes all the records of the operations and proceedings of the church.

The Treasurer/ Accountant:

This one is responsible for money issues.  The Treasury has been entrusted with the responsibility of raising, handling, disbursing and accounting for all the monies in the Church

2. The Ministry Empowerment/ Training Department:

The Christian Development Program has been developed to help members grow in the Lord so as to be utilized in ministry when mature.the program begins as early as when one comes to church. In the Training Department, the Church has raised members who are apt to teach and put them in place to handle this teaching Ministry.

It starts with

a. Membership Class

All the people who join the Church are oriented to get acquainted with the operations of the Church.  Normally in this class, GOLICH (Godly Living Churches)  help new aspiring members to understand how to take personal commitments in the church (es) and how to prepare to be involved.  The class includes topics like: The Church, Who is a Member and Responsibilities and Obligations of Membership. 

b. Converts Class

New converts are given orientation class in the word and 'Milk of the Word' so that they may understand what they are being introduced to.  The class normally has a duration of about three months; held once every week either on Sunday after the service or in the convenient time of the convert.

c. Discipling Class

The discipleship class targets to mature the believers.  it is through this class that they are passed through different levels of training; taught the various doctrines of the Word, and the necessary spiritual knowledge; which includes the spiritual disciplines and practices.

d. Leadership Development Class

We train our leaders, in accordance to the areas we want to utilize them.  Each leadership level has its own training and finally

e. Bible College

In the Bible college Training, we mobilize those leaders we desire to raise into ministry responsibility. It is open to all willing members of the Church, as long as they are willing to foot their expenses of participation.

3. The Children Department

The Children Ministry is code named Abato Clubs.  It endeavors to plan programs that will help the children have a future, enabling them. It plans Saturday Children Club, Child Evangelism, Children Parties, Sunday School. We also plan outings for children and their parents, where we teaching parents better parenting methods. We believe that the Children are the future of the church. When they are given a good foundation, they will not leave it.   For this matter, we open up our children ministry to outreach the community with love for the unreached non Christian kids.

Children Ministry, is faced with a challenge of Materials, Workers and teachers.  We endeavor to seek volunteers, willing to work in this interesting, exciting and promising ministry.

Possible Activities

    a. Sponsorship

    b. Nursery and Primary Schools

    c. Counseling and Guidance 

4. The Youth Department

The Youth Ministry Outreach  is called Youth Ablaze. It is seriously concentrating its operations on Missions and Outreach, Youth bands, Walk Pure program, Community Care and Outreach, Vocational Bible Institutes, and Vocational Skills training, such as Tailoring, Carpentry and joinery, Motor-vehicle mechanics, Computer skills (ICT) and other skills.

The Youth Ministry is an enterprising program for the still energetic group of our people.  We believe that if we empower the youth, we are participating in joblessness and economic empowerment to our members. (See Details of the Program in the Projects section

Possible Activities/ Programs

    a. Sponsorships

    b. Primary, Secondary, Vocational, and Tertiary Schools

    c. Sports - for outreach

    d. Career Guidance

    e. Counseling

    f. Rehabilitation 

5. The Marriage and Family Department

This Ministry 

 6. The Music Department 

The Music Ministry

 7. The Ushering Department.

This is the department that is in charge of the  day-to-day welfare of the Church services.  they are available

 8. The  Welfare Department.

 9. The Person - Empowerment Program:

This includes the development program where members are 

 10. Women Programs

     a. Skills Development - Cottage Industries, Crafts, Drama, Adult Education (Language Classes . . .)

    b. SACCO - Financial Empowerment

    c. Medical - Medical check-ups,

    d. Support - Needy women receive seed money

    e. Referral - Sending them for specialized analysis and care for critical issues

11. Family Life

    a. Counseling

    b. Medical - Assist them receive medical care for complicated issues

    c. Support - Assist them stand sustainably

    d. Referral- Send them for specialized attention

2. Elderly

    a. Medical - Assist them obtain medical care

    b. Referral - Send them to specialized establishments for more analysis and Care

    c. Care and Support  - Establish Care homes and provide their needs

B. The Outreach Departments/ Programs 

1. The Community Care Department.

2. The Church Planting and Extension Department

3. The Evangelism Department


there are many branch churches arising out of this ministry.  some of them are directly planed by the Church, but others are getting affiliated to it. 


Two churches; Bagarame and Kibaale Godly Living Churches were -

1. Opened in Kyegeegwa District, Western Region in Toro Province - WESTERN UGANDA.

2. Overseen by Rubaramira and Team

3. Officially opened in last week of May 2011.

In Kampala/ Wakiso,

Three affiliate Churches working under our guidance; namely,

1. Christian City Gate Church - Kazinga (Bweyogerere) in Wakiso district; pastored by Pr. Opendi Charles and

2. Rock of Salvation Church in Luwafu - Makindye (Kampala District); pastored Pr. Pr. Juliet Mbowa

3. Boat of Life - Kalani Zone - Kulekaana/ Salaama PariSh - Makindye, Kampala

Future Missions

Pray for our missions outreach as we plant Churches in Ggolo, Nkozi Sub-county; Mpigi and Rukungiri Districts of Uganda in the 2014/2015 season.