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"Raising a people with a God kind of life"

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The Youth  Projects


  • The Carpentry Project was designed to help the Youth develop sustainable skills. It includes the teaching of carpentry skills, designing and joinery.  The youth in the church that do not have any initial skills are incorporated in this program to teach them skills that will be able to sustain them in the near future.


The youth are also helped to develop skills in Motor-vehicle mechanics, wiring 



Tailoring skills have been designed to help young ladies obtain a living.  GOLIMI has had several young ladies undertake the training.  One of them, after training was assimilated in an embroidery company where they deal with Bridal ware.  She has now developed and is able to support herself.

These programs are done outside the Ministry circles.  The youth are taken to established organizations handling these trainings, and are supported financially to do these trainings.

the Ministry desires to set up its Vocational Training Centre, where all these skills can be handled. It has land where a centre can be built to earn them assistance.  It is our prayer that this can be reached very soon, so as to be able to develop the youth who are suffering in the communities.


The Children Projects

The Children Ministry is one of the most exciting Ministries in the Church.  it holds most of the children.  it also is the most active ministry.  the children have been very instrumental in outreaching to the community.


The Children attending our church range from the age of 2 to 14 years.  they have their weekly program where they come and participate in the Sunday School, Weekend programs and the Child - outreach programs.

Several programs have been designed to help the children enjoy their time at Church.  the Church has partnered with the AWANA program, which provides us with training skills and some few teaching materials.


The Billy Graham program of "Operation Christmas Child" has also helped our children to outreach to the society and touch the hearts of the parents.  Many religious parents of these children have found themselves attracted to the church unconsciously; as a matter of coming to collect their children.


We believe that as we continue to progress, the society will conntinue to be touched through the children Ministry

Godly Living Junior Academy

Pray with us we are soon launching Godly Living Junior Academy. A Nursery/ Primary School that will offer low cost quality education and help the orphans

 Need your prayers